*This product requires a prescription for use*


To speak to a New Jersey Licensed Respiratory Therapist please call 732-228-4002


The AirSense 10 is a great machine that comes with tons of great features such as:


  • Auto Ramp - Auto ramp is a process where the machine starts at a low pressure to help you fall asleep comfortably and then increases the pressure to your prescribed level once you have fallen asleep. This way you can fall asleep much easier but once you're asleep, you are getting the correct pressure that you need throughout the night.


  • Smart Start - Smart start allows you to start the machine jut by breathing into it, no need to press the start button!

  • Easy Breath Motor - The easy breath motor is what makes this machine so quiet so that you and anyone else sleeping in the room can fall asleep peacefully.

  • Humidifier - This machine has a built-in humidifier which you just fill to the max line with distilled water and click it into the side of the machine. This feature relieves dryness from the nose and throat.

  • Display Screen - The display screen makes it easy to customize your comfort setting as well as view your sleep report.

  • Built-in ambient light sensor - The built in ambient light sensor will adjust the brightness on the display screen depending on the level of light that is in the room. This feature is great so that when the lights are off the screen turns off automatically.

  • Built-in Cellular Technology - The built-in cellular technology gives you access to therapy data and remote access to the device settings.

To speak to a New Jersey Licensed Respiratory Therapist please call 732-228-4002

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