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*This product requires a prescription for use*


To speak to a New Jersey Licensed Respiratory Therapist please call 732-228-4002


The Airmini has many different features for your convenience such as it being the smallest portable CPAP on the market, its easy to use app that downloads right onto your smartphone and syncs via Bluetooth, its effective waterless humidifier which makes it much easier when you're on the go, and it includes all three therapy modes. The Airmini makes traveling a breeze weighing less than a pound!


The three therapy modes the Airmini includes are CPAP, Autoset, and Autoset for her.


CPAP - Air flows continuously at a constant pressure.


Auto - Automatically adjusts pressure to meet the needs of the CPAP user on a breath-by-breath basis.


Auto For her - Air flow pressure raises faster but smoother when it detects the initial signs of sleep apnea occurring.

Machine Dimensions:


·Length - 5.4

·Width - 3.3

·Height - 2.1


Machine Weight:


· 0.66 lbs (10.56 oz)


Power Cord Length:


- 6ft

The masks and hoses compatible with the Airmini are:

AirFit™ N20 + N20 Hose kit

AirFit™ F20 + F20 Hose kit


AirTouch™ F20 + F20 Hose kit

AirFit™ P10 Mask kit

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