F&P myAIRVO 2 humidifier with integrated flow generator


The F&P myAIRVO 2 has been designed specifically to be a solution for delivering the benefits of humidification and flow to patients in the home and in long-term care. Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s leading humidification technology allows the myAIRVO 2 to comfortably provide high flows of air/oxygen mixtures to spontaneously breathing patients, through the unique Optiflow nasal cannula interface or tracheostomy interfaces available.

myairvo readingmyairvo sleeping

Heated breathing tube

myAIRVO heated tube

  • Dual spiral heater wires and unique integrated temperature sensor.
  • No separate temperature probes or heater-wire adapters required.

Designed for simple setup, use and cleaning

myAIRVO display

  • Helpful onscreen animations assist with setup and troubleshooting.

Adjustable temperature and flow settings

myAIRVO temperature adjustment

  • Three temperature settings (37, 34, 31 °C) help achieve comfort and compliance.
  • Integrated flow generator delivers a wide flow range (2 - 60 L/min) for both pediatric and adult patients - no wall air supply required.


myAIRVO video

Oxygen percentage(FIO2) at different Flow and Oxygen settings

FIO2 for flow and O2